"With strong will and endurance,
I develop my skills and my
fitness year after year."

"To become a top golfer
needs much time and strength,
but especially joyful enthusiasm."

1st tournament 2010
tee shot & putting 2012

kids cup final 2012
golf fun & trickshots

"I stand alone on the course,
but as a supporter you create
the stable basis for success."

I have been driving from Linz to Salzburg for every training session since 2016. 2019 I played 21 tournaments and I was exempted from class on 45 days. 60 tournament days were scheduled for 2020 season, a lot of them abroad. All planned international tournaments were canceled, but it became 49 tournament days in the end and I invested 4,3 hours a day in my sport.

Every year the costs are increasing enormously. In the past I played the same clubs once for 4 years, currently I have to replace my wedges after 8 months. Multi-round tournaments have long been the exception, today this is common: arrival - training day - 3-4 tournament days - departure. Increasingly abroad. Since 2020 I also take part in professional tournaments.

GC Donau and the Austrian Golf Association support me as good as possible, but there remains a significant and constantly growing financing gap that we have to finance by ourselve. And although we pay a lot of attention to our expenses, even in 2020 this was about 15,000 euros.
In a few years I will be playing entire tournament series abroad, with annual costs of around 30,000 euros for this alone. Many young players had to drop out of their careers because they couldn't raise the money for their first years as professionals. I am therefore already trying to win supporters so that I can concentrate fully on my sport in the upcoming years.

But because of the strict rules for amateur's in golf, I can only be supported if there is no advertising associated with it. So real patrons or sponsors are needed, who will initially support me in my time as an amateur without advertising. Can you do that? Or do you know someone who maybe would like to do?

Unfortunately, no one has yet decided to do so. If you want to change this, please
contact me. If you prefer to stay in the background, you can also use PayPal or creditcards: