"Golf is my passion.
In a few years I will be
among the best in the world."


20y old - live in Linz (Austria)
Playing since I'm 6 years old.
Austrian National Team (since 2019)
top score: 64  fewest putts: 22
time spent on golf 2023: 37h / week
clubs & ball: 

head coach: 
home club: 

Vice National Champion Austria (age: 17)
Austrian Matchplay Champ U18 & U21
16y: 1st Pro tournament
17y: 1st Challenge Tour start
19y: 1st Top3 at Pro tournament

TSr3 T100 T200u SM9 X5 & ProV1
BigMax e-Lite 4

Jonathan Mannie
GC Donau

TopTalent 2021 (49.706 votes)

Official World Golf Ranking
World Amateur Golf Ranking
European Golf Rankings

Think positive, keep smiling & never give up.

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"I improve my game with joy,
strategy and accuracy.
Step by step."




19 years HCP: -4,5
15 tournaments - 47 rounds
time spent on golf: 1.934 h = 37h/week

1st Top3 at a Pro tournament (Pro Golf Tour Haugschlag)
1st time in the leading flight of a Pro event
high school diploma with merit
first tournament in St. Andrews (-4 on the Old Course)
best Austrian Am in the Official World Golf Ranking
WAGR position: 814 > 706
(all as of Nov 15, 2023)
1st start at Europ. Amateur & World Amateur Team Chmps
best Austrian at  Spanish Am (T17) & French Am (T16)
1st start at the DP World Tour Qualifying School
Held & Francke becomes head sponsor


18 years HCP: -4,0
19 tournaments - 59 rounds
time spent on golf: 1.859 h = 36h/week

National Championship Match Play U21
PGA Championship: 2nd (best amateur)
Austrian National Open & International Am: 3rd
lead Austrian men's golf rankings since June
OWGR & Europ.GolfRankings: best Austrian Am
WAGR rank: 1434 > 814 (all as of Nov 15, 2022)
T11 Portuguese Am & T30 Lytham Trophy
5 cuts at 7 pro events & 1st Top10
Gelpenberg Open (NL): T12 & best Amateur
SkySport interview & my 1st sponsor:
VKB Bank


17 years (U18) HCP: -4,0
23 tournaments - 62 rounds
time spent on golf: 1.836 h = 35h/week

Austrian vice champion with 17y
7 international boys elite tournaments
European boys team championship
5 tournaments with Pros
1st cut at a pro tournament
1st Challenge Tour - Euram Bank Open
new tool for planning and control
optimized PR work
nomination for men's national team
Upper Austrian TopTalent (49,706 votes)


16 years (U18) HCP: -1,2
23 tournaments - 49 rounds
time spent on golf: 1.571 h = 30h/week

U18 Matchplay National Champion
intensive work during lockdown's
WAGR ranked player
1st pro events at Alps- & ProGolfTour
4 Audi Circuit tournaments
practice round with Bernd Wiesberger


15 years (U16) HCP: 0,3
21 tournaments - 51 rounds
time spent on golf: 1.441 h = 28h/week

U16 Matchplay Vice National Champion
more and more tournaments abroad
1st international U16 win (Hungary)
Austrian Intern. Am: best final round score (-6)
Nov: Golf Team Austria > A team
GC Donau win-win agreement


14 years (U16) HCP: 4,4
22 tournaments - 40 rounds
time spent on golf: 976 h = 19h/week

Austrian MP vice national champion U16
final Austrian Juniorcup U16: win
Upper-Austrian state champion u16
April: my 200th tournament round
start at competitive sport high school
admitted to Golf Team Austria at the age of 14


13 years (U14) HCP: 6,8
23 tournaments - 41 rounds
time spent on golf: 770 h = 15h/week

U14 Upper-Austrian State champion
1st tournament abroad: Slovenian Junior Open
member GC Donau men's team
trial days at two competitive sport schools
improve fitness training
my fistz customized clubs


12 years (U14) HCP: 10,2
29 tournaments - 39 rounds

GC Donau win at the Junior Matchplay League
I start with simple stats & time records
focus on my short game & putting.
my trainer is now 120km away - travel time: 2,5h
play 1st time the Austrian Par3 Chmp


11 years (U12) HCP: 12,8
27 tournaments - 36 rounds

annual ranking of Austrian Kidscup: 3rd
Upper-Austrian Chmp: best Austrian u12
get to know Jonathan Mannie, my new coach
1st time alone at a camp in Spain
training day with Austrian National coaches


10 years (U12) HCP: 16,2
28 tournaments - 33 rounds

Upper Austrian vice champion u12
1st training camp abroad, accompanied by parents
training gets more and more professional
starting video swing analysis
training day with Markus Brier


9 years (U10) HCP: 21
18 tournaments - 22 rounds

vice-national champion (u10) - premiere on TV
winner overall ranking Austrian Kidscup
Upper-Austrian State championship u12: 3rd
decision to become playing pro
member of Upper-Austrian State team
GC Donau: "Player of the Year".


8 years (U10) HCP: 35
16 tournaments - 16 rounds

16 kids tournaments & first 18-hole round
first improve of HCP & 1st birdie
Austrian Juniorcup final: 3rd


7 years (U10) HCP: 45
4 tournaments - 4 rounds

member of the GC Donau Mini-Team
first 9-hole tournament
1st tournament win


6 years - 3 rounds

The kids training at GC Donau starts in April. Two months later, I play my first tournament (4 holes) and finish fourth. The blue glass cup is still very special for me.

Finally we go. My sister is already there (5 days old in the stroller).

4 years

I always wanted to play golf. Why is still an open question, because nobody around me played golf at that time. My parents do not want to buy me clubs, so I "write" a letter to the Christ Child. That works finally.

2008/03/19: First photo as a "golfer", taken by friends of my parents. The club belonged to neighbor's of them.

follow me:

"My way is long and hard.
With donations you make a
significant contribution to success."



In my remaining time as an amateur I will be on the road for about half the year, the total expenditures for 2023 were already € 56.456. In amateur tournaments there is no prize money and in pro tournaments this is not paid out to amateurs either, although significant income is only possible from the Challenge Tour onwards. The coming years will not only be a great sporting but also a great financial challenge.

I want to get to the top, I have all the important prerequisites and a strong team around me. My previous successes show that we are on course. I am well prepared for all sporting challenges. Now the main thing is to build a long-term, stable support team in order to successfully overcome all financial hurdles.

First sponsors are already on board, despite difficult conditions for me as a player of the national team: unfortunately I'm not allowed to put sponsor logos on the team jersey, but that can be done with certain restrictions on my cap and bag.
In addition to this, there are a few other restrictions to consider. If you want to accompany me as a sponsor on my way to the top, I can explain details personally. Please contact me by e-mail.

If you want to support me without expecting anything in return, then of course I'm particularly pleased, regardless of the amount. You can easily do this with PayPal or credit card: