"With strong will and endurance,
I develop my skills and my
fitness day after day."



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"I stand alone on the course,
but as a supporter you create
the stable basis for our success."



In my remaining time as an amateur I will be on the road for about half the year, the total costs for 2022 were already €42.503. In amateur tournaments there is no prize money and in pro tournaments this is not paid out to amateurs either, although significant income is only possible from the Challenge Tour onwards. The coming years will not only be a great sporting but also a great financial challenge.

I want to get to the top, I have all the important prerequisites and a strong team around me. My previous successes show that we are on course. I am well prepared for all sporting challenges. Now the main thing is to build a long-term, stable support team in order to successfully overcome all financial hurdles.

First sponsors are already on board, despite difficult conditions for me as a player of the national team: unfortunately I'm not allowed to put sponsor logos on the team jersey, but that can be done with certain restrictions on my cap and bag.
In addition to this, there are a few other restrictions to consider. If you want to accompany me as a sponsor on my way to the top, I can explain details personally. Please contact me by e-mail.

If you want to support me without expecting anything in return, then of course I'm particularly pleased, regardless of the amount. You can easily do this with PayPal or credit card: