"With strong will and endurance,
I develop my skills and my
fitness year after year."


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"To become a top golfer
needs much time and strength,
but especially joyful enthusiasm."

1st tournament 2010
tee shot & putting 2012

kids cup final 2012
golf fun & trickshots

"I stand alone on the course,
but as a supporter you create
the stable basis for success."

In 2021 I played 62 rounds, seven of the 23 tournaments took place abroad. Highlights: Austrian vice-champion, my first start on the Challenge Tour and victory in the "Upper Austrian Top Talent election" with 49,706 votes. I invested 35 hours in my sport every week. Since 2020 I have been taking part in professional tournaments and plan to play on the DP World Tour by the age of 25 at the latest.

I have been going from Linz to Salzburg for every training session since 2016 and the costs are now increasing enormously every year. Multi-round tournaments were the exception for a long time, today it is common, increasingly abroad. With travel day, 1 or 2 practice rounds, 3 to 4 tournament days and return journey, I'm usually on the road for a whole week.

The costs to be financed therefore represent an annually growing challenge, which for some time would not have been manageable without support.
In a few years I will be playing entire tournament series abroad, with annual costs of around 30,000 euros. Many young players had to drop out of their careers because they couldn't raise the money for their first years as professionals.

I am therefore already trying to win supporters today so that I can concentrate fully on my sporting development in the next few years in order to establish myself on the Challenge Tour and then on the DP World Tour as quickly as possible.

Due to the change in the previously extremely strict amateur golf status, I can finally start building a sponsorship team for my final years as an amateur and my first years as a professional. If you would like to support me as a sponsor, please
contact me.